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Explosions. Drama. Aliens.

Redemption Instructions

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3 Movies Free

  1. Set up your TV by going through the on-screen instructions after switching it on.
  2. Connect the Sony Internet TV to the Internet through an Ethernet cable or using Wi-Fi connectivity.
  3. Sign in or register to a Google account (YouTube app is embedded on the TV).
  4. Select the App on the TV and progress on to movie promo page (App landing page).
  5. Select 3 movies.
  6. Enter voucher code that came in product box.
  7. Accepts terms and conditions. (movies are automatically saved to locker).
  8. Stream movies to your TV.

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Unlimited Free Crackle

  1. On your device, navigate to Crackle through the xross media bar video icon and enjoy service on your Sony TV.
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