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HealthyRC Wellness Challenge
posted 08/21/2012 by Rice County District Hospital

The next HealthyRC Wellness Challenge is about to begin!

This is a 12 week opportunity for Rice County residents to improve their health with the support of health professionals in a positive, team environment. The challenge is sponsored by Rice County Districe Hospital in partnership with IronWorks Fitness and Sterling Community Wellness Center.

The challenge kicks off Wednesday, September 12th and the last weigh-in will be on Wednesday, November 28th. Teams will be made up of two people. An optional Self-Reliance Challenge will begin Wednesday, December 5th and will conclude Wednesday, January 9th, 2013.

Registration forms are due Wednesday, September 5th. Information can be found at, on facebook at HealthyRC, at the fitness centers, or by calling Mary Konen at 620-257-5173.

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