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Amazon Fire Stick
Starz Encore $7.95
Showtime & TMC $16.20
Starz $12.56
Complete Premium $36.59
Each Additional Stream $2.00
50 Additional Hours of DVR $5.00
Minimum of 15 Mbps H&B Internet subscription recommended.  H&B TV Nowis not available in all areas. Subscription includes 50 hours of DVR storgae and up to 2 streams.  Additional stream/DVR storage are available. Streaming device required.  Supported devices include Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Android.  Device not included.  Not all channels available in HD.  Additional taxes apply.
H&B TV Now is compliant with FCC required accessibility features for consumers who are blind or visually impaired using the accessibility functions in the retail devices on which the TV Now app runs (Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV). For assistance in enabling accessibility functionality, please contact our Help Desk at 888-565-3200.